Environmental Work Series

Natural and ArtificialCreatures and InsectsGlobal Warming Issues

When Gnomes Need to Clean Their Homes
maxineleuartwork- Plady-Performance
maxineleuartwork-Main Street-Two Hours C
Main Street-Two Hours Collection
maxineleuartwork- What Did We Eat
What Did We Eat
maxineleuartwork- The Cocoon II.JPG
maxineleuartwork- soil chair
Soil Chair
maxineleuartwork-Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean
maxineleuartwork- Anatomy III_ Spies of
Anatomy: Spies of Communication
maxineleuartwork- Insects Reconstructed
Insects Reconstructed
maxineleuartwork- The Courtiers of the S
The Courtiers of the Screen
maxineleuartwork -It’s not what I intend
It’s not what I intended
Communication Work Series

ESL & Communication Barriers/ Immigrant experience/ Outsider perspective in American Culture

The long distance love.jpg
The long distance love
maxineleuartwork_Shaking Dishes (Pizza).
Shaking Dishes
maxineleuartwork- KirinIs Not Unicorn.jpg
Kirin Is Not Unicorn
maxineleuartwork_The Time of Being Alone.jpg
The Time of Being Alone
maxineleuartwork- Vanishing.jpg
maxineleuartwork- The Tired Bookmark-2(closeup).jpg
The Tired Bookmark
maxineleuartwork- ThePrintOfWriting-1(closeup).jpg
The print of writing
maxineleuartwork- StrugglingEraser-2(closeup).jpg
Struggling Eraser
maxineleuartwork- Tongue Twisters.jpg
Tongue Twisters
maxineleuartwork- American_Surface(1)
American Surface
Identity Work Series

Imagining World/ Abstract Conscious/ Transference

maxineleuartwork- Before It Happens
Before It Happens
maxineleuartwork-The Tourist.jpg
The Tourist
maxineleuartwork -Laboratory of the Mast
Laboratory of the Master
maxineleuartwork -The Indispensable Cast
The Indispensable Cast
maxineleuartwork -Project of the Base
Project of the Base
maxineleuartwork -Maxine’s_Manufacturing
Maxine’s Manufacturing Base of Toys
maxineleuartwork -Fake Identification Gu
Fake Identification Guide I -Robot Bugs
maxineleuartwork -Twelve_O’clock
Midnight Twelve O’clock
maxineleuartwork.The Tower
The Tower
maxineleuartwork -Breathable
maxineleuartwork- A Series of My Faces
A Series of My Faces
maxineleuartwork- Enjoy
maxineleuartwork- ML728-11-2011
maxineleuartwork_The Sticky Monster
The Sticky Monster