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The Tourist

5.1” x 7.4”
Relief print

"Even though we are no longer in the same area, we are looking at the same moon," my family said to me when we were in an airport. This artwork was made in my second year in the USA. At the time, I was taking a woods path as a shortcut between school and my ​apartment every day. I used to be afraid of walking this path alone at night in the cold because sometimes I would be shocked by wild animals, tripped by vines, or frozen when I stepped into a cold puddle. However, one day I put away the flashlight and just followed the path in the moonlight, and I could feel everything around me. In this artwork, the moon represents the faith in my homesickness as my family’s words became a light that guided me through the dark. The title of the artwork, The Tourist represents my mood as always curious and nervous about something unknown. As time goes by, I’m getting familiar with this path and all-new culture here and I may no longer know the familiar things in my hometown, but when I look up at the moon I feel connected again.

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