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Academic Art / Workshops/ Special Topic/ Traditional Chinese Culture

Maxine Leu is currently a 3D Media Instructional Support Manager at State University of New York at Purchase and a Teaching Artist at The D.R.A.W. Kingston. She has art teaching experience with 5 ages up, primary students, teen interns, college students (non-major and major in art), adults, seniors, and patients. She has taught classes and workshops since 2015, including at The State University of New York at New Paltz, Mount Saint Mary CollegeThe Cornell Creative Arts Center, The Mid-Hudson Chinese Language Center, and The Creative Center at University Settlement, and Tainan Municipal Dagang Elementary School. 

(* CV and student work examples, lessons plan and teaching philosophy available upon request.​​)

  Q & A:​

  • What academic art classes do you teach?

​I provide academic Fine Art foundation courses in drawing and painting, including still life, portrait, human anatomy, landscape, life drawing, etc. with a focus on mediums, such as pencil, charcoal, Conte crayon, pastel, watercolor, acrylic and oil paint. These courses are usually designed with 15 sections, mainly adults or 14 ages up, but any private customized lessons can be discussed by email.  Contact for work>> 

  • Do you also teach art workshops for the community?

Yes, I enjoy working with non-profit organizations, art centers, and education programs. I think everyone has capacities in art but might not have had many opportunities for exploration. Therefore, as an art educator, I love to make it my mission to understand the people's needs then design attentive, friendly educational classes for the ​community. I have been promoting several workshops and small classes, such as Chinese brush painting, crafts with recycled materials, cartoon character design, sculpture, casting and mold making classes. You can find my current workshops at "Event Sign-Up. Contact for a cooperation>> 

  • Can you work with an educational team that is looking cooperative project that brings two fields together?

Possible! I create interactive artworks, presentation boards, props and games about environment education or Taiwanese culture specifically. However, I'm also open to discussing other education works engaging other fields or topics.  See more collaboration project here >> 

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