Plday and Toxicar


66" x 26" x 26"
Plastics bags

Instagram: @ny_plady

2017 - present


61" x 28" x 33"
Plastics bags


The Bags

Video documentation


The Earthday Action-Main Street-Two Hours Collection

Video documentation


Plady”, Plastic and Lady,  a five and half foot tall mysterious environmentalist who lives in New York. Plady, made with 300 TOPS supermarket bags collected from Americans. The number of plastic bags is actually fewer than the 500 bags an average American uses in a year. This funny, but non-aggressive creature, Plady, along with two mysterious friends, drove her car, Toxicar to clean up every single piece of trash they could find on Main Street in the town of New Paltz. They carried a sign with the slogans “EARTHDAY -Bring Your Own Bag- Ulster County July 15.” and on another side “EARTHDAY- STOP PLASTIC- We only have one earth!“  After the intentional performances, Plady shifted her focus to champion responsible environmental awareness of all kinds. She works virtually on social media and sometimes pops up in activities with environmental topics.

Maxine Leu Art Studio / New Paltz, New York, USA​

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