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47” x 21.7”
Charcoal and conte crayon


The work narrate my life experience and imagination in the work process through concrete and semi-abstract images. This series was created through drypoint engraving, aquatint, and etching in the intaglio process. The various hand postures demonstrate the work's central theme as a metaphor for self-portraits. We can read the path of life history from our hands. Our hands create the script of the moment and guide us to explore our imagination for the future. I transferred my life experience and sensibility through the line gestures in the image, as sometimes we feel meticulous and leisurely, surging and peaceful, empty and solid, etc. I separate the positive and negative space by arranging the layers between each tone. The elements around the hands are collage photo works of mine, carefully arranged to create a continuous image, representing the subtle relationship between the individual and the environment.

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