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Variable Installation

Each about 12”(W) x 12”(D) x 26-40”(H)

Globes, LED lights, chicken wire, cable ties, duct caps, and steels


When the wind blows, the wisps of a dandelion breeze through the air and travel to a new place. There, the remnants of the former flower land on a patch of dirt, where a new flower will eventually grow. Dandelions are common in many places around the world, meaning they have traveled very far and wide. Some people make wishes when they blow on dandelions, and so I see dandelions as messengers, sending those wishes to people I miss in faraway places. I saw a connection between dandelions and the moon because the moon, too, can be seen all around the world. When I look up at the moon, I feel connected with people I love in other places again. And at night, all the lighting Dandelions correspond to the moonlight that guided people through the dark. 

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