Small projects / Crafts & Hobbies

Hobbies make your profession more broad and deep.

Character Drawing

When I have free time, one of my hobbies is doing street art. I usually spend around 15-30 minutes on each drawing using markers and watercolor.

Character Design

I like to combine a comic style with funny culture and unique personality when I design a character or mascot for a brand.

Comic Teaching

A lot of people told me that they don't have a talent for art but love to watch cartoons. I want these people to know that anyone can make art; not just those who studied art in school.

The Year of Print

In Chinese culture, each year relates to one animal. In Taiwan, printmakers make a print for each year. I had the honor of winning the Silver Prize for the New Year Prints Exhibition of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in the Year of the Dragon in 2012. 

Screen Prints

I do all kind of printmaking, Reief, Intaglio, Planographic, Stencil, Photo-Litho and Silkscreen. Screen Prints is one of prints that people ask me for a customized case.

Printmaking Life

I love to make the story with printmaking, and exchange with other printmakers. 

Upcycling Recycling

This topic, no it's a goal of my life. My parents gave me the best gift is being my model to treasure the thing we had. We never throw out thing easily and we fix the old thing and continue using it. I made this multi-function storage box when I was a middle school student.

Reused Material

A mud can become a clay then a ceramics. As an environmental artist, my goal is to let a trash become a treasure.


I fell in crazy love in the process of assembling and disassembling. I disassemble a found object and reassemble to a new species in my robot bugs series. I had a nickname, Mechanic Queen Ant when I was a senior in a university.

Digital 3D Drawing

I do like to use 3D programs to design house or modeling a pre-object. The 3D programs I most to use are Rhino, 3D Max and Zbrush.

3D Printing

I rarely experienced 3D printing in 2017, but I love it! Now, I'm not only interested in printing objects, but also interested in the 3D printer or 3D pen. The picture is my first 3D prints, a movable coquettish octopus key holder.

3D Modeling

Besides using Fused Deposition Modeling (layer by layers), Selective Laser Sintering (make powders harder) can let you print the object that has really thin details and also colors.

Statue Modeling

Before using 3D program, I sculpt and carving by hand. I still enjoy it and I think hand-made has something that technology will never be replaced. 

Casting & Modeling

This skill I used in my small work a lot! It also interesting to play with the different materials for your carving.

Toy Making

I make toy and model for myself all the time; sometimes I make for my friend or family. I like wood or paper works.


Drawing a portrait is one of my growing up skills. I enjoy studying people's eye contact when I do a realistic portrait. I did the first realistic portrait with my sister when I was a high school student. Nowadays, I still like to draw my family portrait.

Portrait and Material

I do a portrait in pastel, color pencils, watercolor, pencils, charcoal, carbon stick, oil painting, and Acrylic. 

Human Anatomy

I studied Human Anatomy with the artist, Tun-Hao Chung in several years. It helps me has more deep sketch skill and knowledge. Nowadays, I practice art human anatomy as my daily homework.

Natural Material

The natural material has a time limit. I have tried various materials including raindrop, leaf, corn, seed and etc. In this picture, I made a snow dog as a challenge for my self. The temperature and material properties are never as stable as the material which we can buy in an art store, and that's the most interesting part for using a natural material.

Food Carving

Remember every mom always say "Do not play your food!" Well, we know that Maxine spends time on "making food" but she probably isn't a good cook...


"LOVE WHAT YOU DO, DO WHAT YOU LOVE" is the only secret that I can do art until I pass away and never complain any hard work.

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