O+X= Do and Don't

After the plastic bag ban of Ulster county implemented on July 15, 2019. In O+ Festival 2019, two artists, Maxine Leu and Arielle Ponder have hosted the upcycling reusable woven bag workshop and the cooperative idea-collection sculpture Puzzle Cube at Kingston Artist Collective, NY, USA.

Stories of Water and Waste 

A Walking History of the Hasbrouck Sewershed, collaboration between: Matthew Friday, Art Department Graduate Coordinator at SUNY New Paltz; Sebastian Pillitteri, Community Science Coordinator at Riverkeeper; Emily Vail, artist and director of the Hudson River Watershed Alliance; SUNY New Paltz Professors Michael Asbill and Rena Leinberger; artists Maxine Leu and Sanford Fels and the Art Students of SUNY New Paltz.

Kurt and Arlette (Sky and Ground) 

The collaborative team of Michael Asbill and Maxine Leu built sculptures to honor the Surrealism painter, Kurt Seligmann at Seligmann Art Center in Sugar Loaf, NY. The project was commissioned by Orange County Citizens Foundation and SunCommon.

Introductory video of artist's work 

Contemporary sculptor, Megumi Naganoma focus on rape awareness art. Naganoma and Leu published the four minutes intro video about her work, Listen to them in the versions of English, Spanish and Chinese.

Plastic bag mummy cleans streets 

The performance art on Earth Day. Plady and Toxicar were created by Maxine Leu and enacted by performer Sanford Fels and Arielle Ponder. They offered a new version of the three R’s: reduce, reduce and reduce.

Two Artists @ HFA 

The Habitat for Artists at Woodstock Artists Association & Museum held weekly events from May 5- July 28, 2018. Two artists in residence, Maxine Leu and Lynn Herring, were showing on July 10-11. Come to join Maxine's Upcycling Recycling workshop and Lynn's game of XOX.

The First Volcano in NP High School 

In 2018, the geology teacher, Miss. Law and her AP students were making the first erupting volcano with Maxine Leu in the Courtyard Garden at New Paltz High School.

The Jam-The Best show in 2018

The SUNY New Paltz Narwhal team, Prof.  Emily Puthoff, Megumi Naganoma, Joseph Kattou and Maxine Leu made the sculpture, Multi-Species Commons for pollinators in Sculpture Space in Utica, NY, USA.

New Media

Performance artist, Amanda Heidel and Maxine Leu combined the new technology and interactive devices into the new conductive performance.

Chinese New Year Festival

Maxine Leu taught American children how to write Traditional Chinese calligraphy and do printmaking of the year of the dog on red envelopes in New Paltz Elting Library, NY, USA.

The Amazing Board in Multicultural Festival

Maxine Leu made the most impressive table including the Taiwanese boards, president statue, cities stamp for Taiwanese group.

Zero Waste!Reused Sculpture Park

In 2016, Maxine Leu collaborated with the New Paltz ReUse Center to build a giant dung beetle from used materials in Clean Water Park on Route 32, New Paltz, USA. Their goal is 2018 zero waste!

Found The Mysterious Identity

Maxine Leu and Prof. Sheng-fa Yang who teaching Eastern Art History in TUT, Tainan, Taiwan helped to find out the identity of the 19-century Chinese painter, Ke-chang Dai for Samuel Dorsky Museum at SUNY New Paltz.

Customized Lovely Couple Portraits

Maxine Leu as a street artist with her character drawing since 2013. Then she started her business as a part-time hobby to draw portraits for couples and families on Valentines Day and weddings.

Graduation Gift- 

The Memory of us

In 2015, the visual art teacher, Miss. Leu, the student, Yi-hui Chen and other 200 students in 6th grades were painting a mural in 8.2' x 23' for their graduation in Tainan Municipal Dagang Elementary School, Tainan, Taiwan.

Don't worry! 

Minions are here!

Maxine Leu repainted the wall of the counselors' office for kids at Tainan Municipal Dagang Elementary School, Tainan, Taiwan. 

Painting of Dogs! Artist, Qiu-mei Lai!

In 2015, the curator, Maxine Leu's written the article about the exhibition, the artist, Qiu-mei Lai and her dogs, Bao-bao, Dou-dou, Pi-pi and Di-di on the 476 th art exhibition news of "Artist Magazine", Taiwan.

Sticky and Edible Sculpture!?

In 2014, the exhibition, Sculpture In The Park- Millennium Park Public Art curated by the curators, Bo-feng Sun and Jun-ming Fan. The part of the exhibition, Environmental Art Creativity competition of Sticky Sculpture curated by the coordinator, Ying-zheng Su and CEO, Maxine Leu.

Collection Albums of KSA

In 2014, the president of 2013 Art Space and president of Kaohsiung Sculpture Association, Bo-feng Sun and the chief editor, Maxine Leu published the Collection Albums of Kaohsiung Sculpture Association, Taiwan.

Promoting Ambassador

In 2014, Maxine Leu's artwork, The Indispensable Cast was chosen for the limited edition folder of excellent students' works by the fine art department of the Tainan University of Technology.

Come to make your prints

In 2013, Prof. Yi-hsuan Lin, his students Yu-wen Lin, Kuan-zhen Lee and Maxine Leu had a printmaking workshop in Pingtung Asia Print Exhibition, Pingtung Art Museum, Pingtung, Taiwan.

Beautification of Mosaics Publicart 

In 2012, Mosaics artist, Lin-gjun Ye and her students made the beautification of mosaics public art in Tainan Yan-shui shi-lu, Tainan, Taiwan.

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