Communication series

  • English as the Second Language

  • Communication Barriers

  • Outsider perspective in American Culture

maxineleuartwork_Shaking Dishes (Pizza).
Shaking Dishes
maxineleuartwork- KirinIs Not Unicorn.jpg
Kirin Is Not Unicorn
maxineleuartwork_The Time of Being Alone.jpg
The Time of Being Alone
maxineleuartwork- Vanishing.jpg
maxineleuartwork- The Tired Bookmark-2(closeup).jpg
The Tired Bookmark
maxineleuartwork- ThePrintOfWriting-1(closeup).jpg
The print of writing
maxineleuartwork- StrugglingEraser-2(closeup).jpg
Struggling Eraser
maxineleuartwork- Tongue Twisters.jpg
Tongue Twisters
maxineleuartwork- American_Surface(1)
American Surface